Q1: Are the contents of the Coronavirus PCR kit ready to use?

A1: The BioinGentech PCR Kit contains all components to run a real time PCR: master mix, RNA mix, primer, probes, negative control, and positive control. Internal control for RNA isolation also is included. The kits can be used immediately on arrival.

Q2: Which internal control is used?

A2: Coronaviruses are RNA viruses, therefore a RNA internal control has to be used. In order to protect our development we can’t give more details about it but it detects the presence of RNA in isolated samples (indication of successful isolation).

Q3: Do I need RNA isolation kit?

A3: yes, user needs RNA isolation kit. Bioingentech PCR kits has RNA isolation reagents included. Although one can use RNA isolation kit from other manufacturers we recommend use only Bioingentech reagents in order to avoid compatibility issues.

Q4: Which gene do the PCR kits target?

A4: Bioingentech PCR kits are highly specific for Wuhan strain, but we do not release any information, which gene is the target as this is our technology.

Q5: Which thermocycler can the user use with the kits?

A5: Bioingentech real time PCR kits can be used on various real time thermocyclers available on the market. Please check our file with all compatibility platforms.

Q6: Do BioinGentech kits need a special laboratory setup?

A6: Yes, a laboratory with a real time PCR thermocycler for One-Step kits, and a classic thermocycler for End Point PCR kits.