How to Make your Order:

Phone: 056 041 2790435
Address: Salas 350. Concepción. Chile.

Following information is required in an order:

• Product names
Shipping address
VAT number
Contact person
• Telephone or cell number

2.-Acceptance of Orders



All orders received are subject to a quote which details:
The product ordered - Delivery time - Shipping costs(DHL)
Certificate of Origin and price.

3.-Payment Terms



Bank information:

•VAT: 76.206.610-6


•Bank: Banco Estado
•Account number: 533-0-004911-3

You must pay all transfer charges (OUR payment)




The general delivery time for all our products is 1-2 weeks from receipt of order.




Most of our products are available in larger quantities at considerable discounts.

Please Contact us: sales@kitpcr.com / info@bioingentech.com

6.-Questions and Comments



Bioingentech offers various technical services and solutions.

Please contact us: sales@kitpcr.com / info@bioingentech.com


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